Get some inspiring dance music and do a good deed!

So easy!

The terrorist army has 10-12 times higher weapons

Despite everything, Ukrainians are gradually recapturing and returning their lands and their people.

500,000+ Ukrainian houses were destroyed

At least 50 billion Euros are needed for their restoration..

658 children were killed by Russian terrorists

Help Ukrainians to protect their children.

Despite everything...

...from February 24, 2022, Ukrainians have been holding on. They even continue to create music, songs, paintings etc. And some creative people defend their land  with weapons in their hands. Some of them do it with their lives.
I am a Ukrainian DJ. Russian terrorists took away my normal life, conditions for earnings and development. All of us are focused on helping the armed forces of Ukraine now.
So today I'd like to offer you my best tracks from 2004 onwards. This collection of 24 dance compositions will inspire and give you a good mood. And 50% of the album sale will be used for modern equipment of the Ukrainian defenders.

Thank for your attention and support!
Good will surely win!.

Listen to the 24 tracks included in the album

"Evolution of meanings"

After payment, you can download them to your phone or PC